About us

We are one of the largest buyers of catalysts in Lithuania and a company with 15 years of experience. Having a young, energetic and motivated team, we are working to further expand the recycling process for secondary raw materials. At the site of our company you will also find the purchase of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and the recycling of electronics. From the very beginning of the company’s activity, the main principle of our work is honesty and openness to customers. A good relationship with customers ensures the success of cooperation and the possibility of long-term relationships.

Catalysts and DPF filters

Catalysts and DPF filters help to reduce airborne pollutants that can harm humans and the environment by converting 90 % of harmful emissions into less harmful gases. Well-maintained catalysts and DPF filters improve the car’s efficiency, overall condition and performance.

We buy catalysts from used cars that are being dismantled, disposed of or the catalyst is interfering with the operation of the car. Our company buys catalysts from natural and legal persons, always aiming to offer our customers higher prices than prevailing in the market. It is important to evaluate that catalysts and DPF filters contain precious metals such as platinum, palladium, rhodium, thus the ultimate goal of the company is to recycle them and prepare them for the production of new catalysts.

For those who value their time and want to find the right solution for themselves, we suggest to trust the professionals and write to us.