Sending a parcel

  1. You send a photo of the catalyst with visible codes or write down the code and send it in a message.
  2. After receiving your message, we will calculate the price of the catalyst, depending on the situation on the precious metals exchange.
  3. If you agree with the price offer, payment details are discussed.
  4. You securely pack the parcel and send it in the most convenient way for you: Omniva, DPD, LP Express or Lithuanian courier services.
  5. Details for sending a parcel.Name: UAB „METAL INVEST“
    Mobile phone: +370 659 01450
    Post office address:
    DPD – Smėlynės str. 85;
    Omniva – Smėlynės str. 85;
    LP Express – Smėlynės str. 112A

    Couriers: Liublino str. 28, Panevėžys, Lithuania, LT- 35136

    If you have a large number of catalysts or their scrap, we can come to the place you specified. Contact us by phone: +370 659 01450